Euro Practice is an organisation with 20 years of experience delivering a highly professional service that meets the needs of our clients.

We are recognised as the market leader in International career development, training programs & recruitment.

Our agencies based in France (Castres) and in Spain (Granada) have become the major reference for people wanting to work in the UK and in Ireland.

Our recruitment service free of charge – What we can do for you ?

We offer you the opportunity to recruit international staff.

We supply hotels, restaurants, parks with quality personnel and we offer a valuable portfolio of overseas workers wishing to work within the hospitality, tourism, leisure and catering industries.


Our experience in international recruitment and our database of selected candidates could help you to find the right staff, skilled or unskilled, for the following positions:

✅ Chambermaids, room attendants

✅ Kitchen porters

✅ Bar staff

✅ Receptionists

✅ Housekeepers

✅ Kitchen assistant

✅ Porters, night-porters

✅ Commis chefs

✅ General assistants

✅ Waiting staff

✅ Catering assistants

✅ Chefs

  • We make sure that they want to stay a minimum of 6 months (or 3 months in summer)
  • They all have a minimum of level of English (depending on the position offered)
  • We make sure that they are all eligible to work in the Europe.

With our extensive network, we can provide staff all year round to cover both temporary and permanent positions.
The efficiency of our services allows us to offer you suitable applicants at the time that you require them.

How does it work?

Our employment advisers will interview the candidates to ensure assessment of the English level and to define the motivation and objectives of each of them.
We make sure that the skills and abilities of the applicants match with your requests and your expectations.
If you decide to employ the candidate, you will need to complete our confirmation of employment form and to send it back to us by email.

You will need to :

  • Pay the minimum wage
  • Provide the accommodation (deduction from salary)


Here at Euro-Practice we are above all conscious that distance recruitment can only work if we are sure of the determination, motivation, and unequivocal interest on the part of the candidate. For this reason our selection process, as our conditions of enrolling in our programs, are assured and set the necessary standard to complete the process with confidence.

Our service is FREE OF CHARGE. No cost involved!


We have 150 active employers who trust and support us:

Best Western Crieff Hydro Hotel – Scotland – Janice Sneddon HR Manager

«I have worked with Euro-practice since I took on the responsibility for staff recruitment at Crieff Hydro, five years ago.  The staff are very pleasant to deal with, and quickly provide us with a selection of suitable candidates.  They also ensure all our company documentation is completed and returned promptly.  I am happy to continue working with Euro Practice in the future.»

Cairn Hotel - Harrogate Jane Sheedy HR Manager

«I have been using Euro Practice for about a year. I have always found them to be very professional, helpful and friendly. The staff they have provided for me have all been capable, willing and hard working and very nice people! I would recommend Euro practice to other employers.»

Colwall Park– Malvern, Worcestershire - Iain Nesbitt - Hotel manager

«Euro Practice is a well established and proven European Agency always providing an excellent selection of hotel/catering staff. The Agency is very proactive and the candidate’s CVs are always accurate, particularly when referring to language skills. Even though they do not charge employers a recruitment fee, they ensure their candidates are always top quality. I have used Euro Practice for over 5 years and have no hesitation in recommending them to other employers.»